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Welcome to College of Environmental Sciences

The college was established in January 2011 with the overall objective of producing graduates who would be academically and professionally sound to blend with global challenges in the area of Environmental Sciences..

It is noteworthy that during the process of industrialization, the environment is depleted and detonated through releasing of pollutants or extracting resources. No nation wants to halt industrialization. So it is inevitable to rely on sustainable development and the development of green technology which embodies treatment of air emission and waste waters, waste reduction and management, development of non-conventional renewable energy sources, sources recovery, recycle and reuse. It is in recognition of the above needs that four (4) departments have emerged. Each with a five – year programme. The departments are structured to meet the academic requirements of Environmental Sciences, thereby assisting students to make judgement concerning their environments based on scientific knowledge.

Department of Architecture
Department of Estate Management
Department of Environmental and Water Resources Management