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Welcome to Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

The Crescent University Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) was established in July 8, 2011 to focus on the training of our students on entrepreneurial skills that will eventually turn them to become “job creators” and not job seekers. This action was also in conformity with the directive issued by the Federal government of Nigeria to all Universities through the National Universities Commission to set-up Entrepreneurial Center with a view to equipping our young graduates due to the increasing rate of joblessness.

The Objectives and purpose of the Center: In pursuant of the vision and mission of the University, the Center was established with the aim of achieving the following:

    Ø  Motivation of candidates to develop entrepreneurial skills for survival in an ever changing society

    Ø  To produce graduates empowered with entrepreneurial consciousness with a view to becoming self reliant on a sustainable basis

    Ø  Enhance the employability of our graduates in the labour market with the ultimate aim of improving the state of Nigerian economy

Areas of Operation and support to the academic programmes of the University

This Center has trained and equipped Four Set of graduates (2011/12, 2012/2013, 2013/2014, and 20142015 sessions) from different Colleges of the University on various skills in addition to the academic and positive societal values which are in tandem with National Policy on Education in Nigeria.

Below are the areas of operation and support to the academic programmes of the University with a view to achieving the stated objectives:

  1. The University has developed a well-equipped curriculum in line with the National Universities Benchmark for Minimum Academic Standard (BMAS) to cater for the challenges of the emerging contemporary economies which includes: Introduction to entrepreneurship and new venture creation; entrepreneurship in theory and practice. Forms of business, Staffing, Marketing, Determining capital requirements, Raising capital, Financial planning and management, Feasibility studies, Innovation; Legal Issues; Insurance and environmental considerations; Possible business opportunities in Nigeria among others.
  2. Training students for ICT Certification Programmes, e.g Oracles, Microsoft , COMPTIA, CISCO,  etc to enhance their employability after graduation
  3. The University is accredited by institute of chartered Accountant for accounting programme which qualifies students for exemption in certain diets of the Professional Exam.  Advantage of this is that our students spend less time after graduation to qualify as Chattered Accountant.

Skills Development: This entails training students in : Liquid Detergent, Bleach, Laundry soap,    Petroleum jelly, Izal, Hair cream, Dettol, Body cream, Air freshener, Kampala, Graphic design, Printing Technology, Fisheries & Aquaculture,  Bee Keeping, Cake Baking etc.