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Bola Ajibola College of Law

Bola Ajibola College of Law (BACOLAW) offers admission to prospective candidates wishing to undergo legal training leading to the award of Bachelor Degree in Law LLB (Hons).

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College of Environmental Sciences

The college was established in January 2011 with the overall objective of producing graduates who would be academically and professionally sound to blend with global challenges in the area of Environmental Sciences.

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College of Information and Communication Technology

The College of Information and Communication Technology was established at the inception of the University in 2005.The objective is to train and produce graduates, who are adequately equipped with knowledge

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College of Health Sciences

The College is designed to produce all-round, total graduates equipped with specialised knowledge in health promotion, maintenance and restoration. Our programmes are aimed at producing polyvalent practitioners...

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College of ARTS, Social and Management Sciences

Welcome to College of Social and Management SciencesThe College of Social and Management Sciences, Crescent University, Abeokuta, took off formally as one of the three foundation Colleges of the University in December, 2005.

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College of Natural and Applied Sciences

At the inception of the university in 2005, three colleges were created among which was the college of natural and applied sciences with four departments namely: biological sciences, chemical sciences, mathematical sciences and physical sciences.

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What Our Students Say About Us

  • Quality education is beyond what we are taught, it's defined by how much opportunity is given to us to learn beyond what could be imparted. Crescent University gives all it takes to be greater than our dreams.

  • With Crescent University behind me as a force, I am ready for the world.

In 2002, the Educational Board of the Islamic Mission for Africa (IMA) recommended the establishment of Crescent University, Abeokuta.The National Universities Commission approved the establishment of the University in 2005. The University commenced its academic program in December 2005.
The Philosophy of the University includes the following:
  • To provide access to education for the increasing population of eligible candidates;
  • To create a new breed of Nigerians imbued with loyalty to God, the nation and their fellow men;
  • To motivate candidates to develop entrepreneurial skills for survival in an ever changing society;
  • To equip and prepare an enabling environment in which teaching and learning shall be conducted in an atmosphere of harmony, peace and love;
  • To imbued our graduates with character and make them learning, consciously about the fear of God in their daily lives;
The motto of the University is Knowledge and Faith which emphasizes the principle of pursuing academic excellence in a Godly way as envisioned in the mission statement.
The Founder’s Day shall be celebrated or marked on the 22 March of every year.
OBJECTIVES | Mission | Vision
  • Objectives
  • Our Mission
  • Vision

The University's Objectives are:
To produce graduates empowered with knowledge for sustainable living in an ever-changing world. This requires adequate and up-to-date physical facilities, including lecture rooms, laboratories, studios, healthy hostels and offices and the comprehensive use of Information Technology;

To offer education guided by Islamic Principles and tenets of spirituality and moral discipline. The intention here is to employ the teachings of Islam as a veritable tool for ordering life with the consciousness of doing good and shunning evil deeds and for interacting with others in harmony, peace and with love;

To promote exemplary research and services oriented towards the achievement of human development;

To encourage and promote higher education for women. The strategy here is to place emphasis on the enrolment of female students in the ratio 60:40 (Female : Male) subsumed in the overall 60 : 40 (Science : Arts) ratio as prescribed by the National University Commission (NUC).

The mission of the University is to evolve a unique element for the delivery of University education fused with total quality assurance in ways that will develop personal discipline and integrity and promote societal values.

The vision of the University is to ensure the delivery of University education in ways that recognize personal discipline and integrity and promote positive societal values.

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